Bear Creek Watershed Education Partners

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Watershed Monitoring & Restoration Support

BCWEP assists educators in developing, and provides support for existing, Bear Creek Watershed Monitoring Programs. We accomplish this by providing educators with technical assistance and monitoring equipment. BCWEP provides information to educators to assist them in developing a monitoring programs. We provide contacts with natural resource agencies, reference materials, transportation and direct assistance. Types of monitoring programs include water quality sampling, macroinvertebrate studies, riparian area surveys, salmon & steelhead surveys, temperature and any other watershed related monitoring activities. Involvement of all grade levels is encouraged.

One goal of BCWEP's monitoring program is to consistently collect water quality data.  While the data collected may not be used by regulatory agencies, it does provide a snap shot of the conditions of our local waters.  To assist with data collection, we have developed Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Field Data Sheets. We also make Bear Creek's Water Quality Standards available for comparison.

Many organizations in the watershed are looking to better compile information and data collected within the Bear Creek Watershed. For more information on this, or to share your ideas, come to one of our meetings. In addition, BCWEP sponsors and co-sponsors various restoration projects around the watershed. In 2005 alone, over 750 wetland and riparian plants were planted by youth as part of BCWEP programs. Together with many partners, BCWEP created a list to assist with wetland/riparian planting projects in this area. This "Planting Tips" document can be downloaded here to assist in future projects in this area.  

Download equipment lists and check-out forms:

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