Bear Creek Watershed Education Partners

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Each year, BCWEP coordinates the following community events. Each event is designed to celebrate the Bear Creek Watershed and encourage watershed stewardship among local students and community members.

Check our calendar for upcoming dates and information!2006 Bear Creek Watershed Education Symposium

Watershed Education Symposium

Held every spring for the last 20 years, BCWEP's Annual Watershed Education Symposium brings students, educators, community organizations and natural resource agencies together for a grand celebration of our Bear Creek Watershed. The Symposium emphasizes the idea that we all live in a watershed and that our efforts to understand and improve its conditions interconnect. Each year, hundreds of students attend the Symposium, which serves as a culmination of the many student watershed projects that occurred throughout the school year. The Symposium offers a forum for discussion and a means of exploring new ways of studying our watershed.

The primary purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to make presentations on their outdoor education projects and to set up table displays. All grade levels are welcome. We invite presentations from all disciplines, including science, writing, math, social science and visual art projects that focus on watershed topics. A gallery space is available for contributions from classes that have done art, photography, poetry, etc about the watershed. Students and educators who are not making presentations and the general public are also encouraged to attend.

The 21th Annual Bear Creek Watershed Symposium will be held May 27th, 2016 at the Santo Community Center in Medford. Check our calendar for more details on the Symposium. Due to space constraints, we are limited to 200 student participants. Funds are available to assist with transportation expenses, so register early. For more information or to register please contact us.Students at Kids and Bugs day

Kids & Creeks Day

Kids and Creeks event is a chance to get out and explore Bear Creek with educational hands-on activities for the whole family. Local organizations and agencies set up stations throughout Bear Creek Park to share information and get people involved in their watershed. The event takes place in the fall when salmon are spawning in Bear Creek. Kids and Creeks event is a chance for people to look for spawning salmon, sample macroinverebrates, try fly casting and tying, dissect a salmon and learn about it's life cycle and so much more. Kids and Creeks will take place October 17th 2015.

Bear Creek Clean-up

The Bear Creek Watershed is important to us all. In this urban setting, it is essential to help maintain clean water by doing our part. Each year, BCWEP hosts a half day stream clean-up in conjuntion with SOLVE. Because more of the community is becoming directly involved with improving the Bear Creek watershed, we feel this event is essential.

The Bear Creek Clean Up event is free and open to the public, and refreshments and prizes are provided. This is a great event for families or service groups. Our annual stream clean up grows each year and also includes: non-native plant remova , water quality testing and general habitat improvements. The Clean Up will be held on Septemper 27th 2014. Vounteers can register at or at the event. check our calendar for more information and contact us to get involved!